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At home, nearly all of machines are running Fedora 11/12. This includes an old Pentium 3 server I renovated, a media PC, a production machine and a netbook. We have one machine that still uses Windows XP Home.

Of course, learning a new operating system isn't as easy as you'd hope, so these are some of the more 'involved' investigations I've done. Hopefully they will be of interest to someone somewhere...

This selection actually represents a tiny portion of what I have yet to add to the website. I have a great number of text files that need to be turned into HTML files... Wherever possible, I have tried to cite sources for the various websites that have been of use.


Morroblivion install under Fedora 15 using WINE

Morroblivion is a mod which allows you to play the game Morrowind using the more up to date Oblivion engine. This is a guide which expands on the Morroblivion installation instructions for getting the mod installed on Fedora 15.

Duke Nukem 3D on Ubuntu 12.10 using EDuke32

How to install the old classic Duke Nukem 3D using a tool called EDuke32. In addition, these instructions detail how to install and run the "Duke Nukem Forever 2013" mod.


Why Linux, and why Debian / Fedora / Ubuntu?

A very brief overview of why I use Linux, and why I chose Debian and Fedora as my favourite distributions. Start here if you have no idea what Linux is or what a distribution (or "distro") is.

Windows Fonts on Linux

A shell script I've put together for installing Windows fonts on Linux in case you need to ensure compatibility with Office, etc.


How to screencast OpenGL games using glc

A guide that looks at how to screencast OpenGL games. The example game in this instance is Oblivion (Steam version) on 64-bit Fedora 15 using 32-bit WINE.


Sharing files: Samba and NFS

A basic howto for setting up shared folders between Windows and Linux, using either Samba or Network File System (NFS).


How to securely erase files and free space

A basic howto for securely erasing files from your hard disk. Tested on an external USB FAT32 hard disk. Programs tested: sfill / srm, and scrub.