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Welcome to Perceptual Motion

Welcome to Perceptual Motion, aka It contains some articles on Linux, cross platform development, and some links to open source software. I also use this site to display gallery images and other media.

Content is still being added. Slowly...

In the beginning

Originally, this site provided links to free software, which was the inspiration for the name 'Perceptual Motion'. The idea was to provide a resource of good quality free software. Hence, Perceptual Motion - changing perceptions by trying to encourage a move towards free software. I don't think I ever got the site how I wanted it...

Anyway, there's a lot of sites out there that do freeware lists much better than I could, so I decided it was time for a change. I still wanted to have a website that was at least partially based around computing, so it seemed logical to use this site to document some of the more esoteric bits of Linux knowledge I've acquired.

Shortly into its life the website also became home to a forum that was mostly centred around making modifications to a PC game called Morrowind. That forum moved home to Calislahn's website, but is no longer available.

An overhaul is very much overdue!

Thanks for looking in on the site.


Site last updated: 05 January 2016